Pro 1 Fit

These classes use our proven 12-week program which teaches individuals proper movement patterns while also getting them stronger. There are no random workouts here-for everything we do there is a WHY behind it. We have an actual system that helps you progress, and if you can't do something we can regress it to make sure you're still progressing and doing it safely. Each class starts with a warm-up before we head into the strength portion of the class and then we finish with conditioning.  Classes are 1 hour long. Our Fit classes are ideal for adults who are looking to be supported and pushed along their fitness journey with other like-minded individuals in a close community setting, while still following a system.

Fit clients can expect to recieve

  1. 1 hour long group training classes up to 6 days a week.
  2. TueCoach app access to track results and progress.

State of the Art Technology

Get your program through our tech partner, TrueCoach. No annoying hard to read spreadsheets!

High Level Coaching

Coaching from the coach running the class.


Classes up to 6 days a week following a progressive program.

"Kevin Dean and the Core4 team helped me lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better. They've improved my quality of life by keeping me engaged and by cultivating an atmosphere of hard work and great people. Trainers work hard to keep classes fun while getting a sweat in. I've been working out at Core4 for five years and there's no place I'd rather be."

Brent Bavaro

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