Aug 1, 2022


We all need a reset. Someone to push ctrl-alt-delete for us our we push it ourselves. What’s a reset? A reset is a recommitment. Recommitment to the goals that got us started in the first place.


Within the fitness community this happens within all the different facets of fitness. From owning a fitness business to a persons individual fitness goals, sometimes we need a reset to bring us back to the question “why”. Why did you start. What was the emotion behind it. See, the reset, is all about taking it back to the beginning. We reset our program every 12 weeks for biomechanical and physiological reasons that we will bore you with in another blog! But that reset is needed to consistently progress your body.


For me, I started a fitness business years ago because I had a passion for helping people and wanted a place of my own that I could do it on a larger scale. Along the way, there have been many peaks and valleys. At times, I found myself discouraged and ready to give up. That’s when a reset was needed. Reset the mindset for growth. Maybe it was take a new certification, attend a networking event, do something that would reinvigorate my “WHY”.


Over the next few months, CORE 4 wants to help you with your physical and mental resets. We are going to start some new things within the company to help reinvigorate each one of you. Our goal is to help you find your “why” and assist in your mental and physical health!


-Coach Kev