New Year New "Who"!?

Jan 31, 2022


Well it's January, and the gym business is thriving. People are inundated with marketing....inundated with e-mails, special offers, post cards, and any other marketing material the fitness industry is told to throw at you. As you are slammed daily with advertisements from across the fitness world, we are slammed with advertisements on how to advertise to the consumer better. So we buy into this as well. We pay to get new leads. We pay for the 'dream of success". And we pay to capture you and your "dream of success". 


So after all the marketing is done, what's left? You have bought into the marketing and now you are in the door. The person or company that created empty promises of "abs", "the perfect beach body" or the ever popular "booty gains". But in reality what's actually left?


The answer.... the product that was bought into. Well now it's time to show up. Not just for the aspiring individula striving to reach their fitness goals, but the people who got you in the door. Are they programming with education, compassion, and a passion to serve others? Or are they just looking to make a buck? Are you, as a client, just one more person on the fitness assembly line? This is the reality of the fitness industry in the majority of places. 


At Core 4, we don't have coaches here to fill a spot. You have to have a willingness to serve. A willingness to teach but also to learn. At Core 4 it comes down to one thing..... we genuinely care about each and every one of you that walk through the door. When we program, we think about what is best for each and every one of you. You're never just a number here. I didn't start my own fitness business 16 years ago because I wanted to get rich. I started this business to serve others with my given skill set. I believe in our mission to help others. 


Our staff has met and agreed to work dilligently to create the best experience possible. Whether a pro athlete or a person just looking to be a more fit version of themselves, we are pledging to you to give it our best. Not because you are just a number, but becuse we care.


-Coach Kev