"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard."

Sep 4, 2022


Mindset is everything. One of the things I tell my athletes is “you don’t HAVE to be here, you GET to be here.” This is all about the athlete mindset. See, playing a sport and trying to be at the top of your sport is a conscious choice you must make everyday.


Being an elite athlete means committing to your sport. It means doing what others won’t so when competition time comes, you’re ready. Being elite means a commitment to the things that get your body ready. A strength and conditioning program along with providing your body with the nutritional requirements it needs to perform. You don’t have to do this but then again you don’t have to win or compete at the highest level.


Being an elite athlete means doing what others won’t. Being elite means doing what it takes to give yourself the competitive advantage. Your body always tells the truth. And that truth is …You are prepared, or you are not. Preparation is the key to competing at the highest level. Disregard your nutrition and training and you will find yourself in a very tough spot come the beginning of the season. Your body will always tell a story. And that story is all about how well you prepared for the season. There’s no cramming for that exam. It’s constant work and preparation to be the best on day 1, when you look across from you at your opponent.


Work hard, eat right and your body and your gameday performance will tell your truth on the field.


-Coach Kev