Apr 18, 2022


What is Grit? I have seen it defined so many ways. To me, it is the ancient Chinese Proverb "Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight". 

I have always loved that quote. I have seen both sides of it. The people who fall and give up, and the people who will stand back up no matter what. I have seen kids who will never start a meaningful career in football give it their all in practice day in and day out. I have seen the most talented athletes give up after a loss and never give it their all to win. Why does "Grit" matter?

Grit is all about the perseverance needed to reach a goal. As an athlete this comes with the unrelenting work on skill and athletic development. People who will truly give it their all will always find themselves in a better position than those who don't. Learn, try, fail, adapt; these things will define you as an athlete. 

How about for the person who goes to the gym to try and reach a physical goal? We have all been there! We aim for that "perfect body" but fall short. It's there. But maybe the approach hasn't been right. Maybe our diet, which most of the time is the biggest culprit, isn't right. OK so you don't look like a cover model for memorial day. Does that mean give up? NO! It means it's time to assess and learn from your mistakes. Pivot in a new direction. With all the things that can go wrong with your own personal and physical development, expecting your goal achievement to look like a straight line is crazy!

We are all different. There is no cookie cutter training experience that get's everyone results. Our goal at Core 4 is to educate you, through our different programs. We are dedicated to increaing your level of education about your body and physical health. But it's going to take more than jsut educating yourself. It's going to take the execution of the strategies even when you don't want to. Too tired? Get better sleep! Don't feel like it? Ask yourself how important thiose goals are and recommit yourself to them. Can't find time, make something, anything work! When faced with the hard decisions daily, do what's right for you. Persevere through the daily BS that we all have to wade through. Put on your gym clothes, lace up your kicks, and do what you NEED to do! This is what GRIT is all about. 


-Coach Kev