From The Gym To Real Life

Feb 14, 2022

Being in the gym is a great way to get in shape, there’s so many tools at your disposal specifically designed to push you towards getting stronger and in better shape. Sometimes though, it can feel like you’re only progressing at doing whatever exercises you’re doing.

Getting out of the gym for some exercise is a great way to help you realize how the work you’ve put in with the weights translates to your regular life. And I’ve always felt that it was a great motivation booster to make me want to keep working out. A couple of my favorite things to do myself are to go for a bike ride around town or hike a mountain trail. But there are plenty of options to get up and moving, I’ll put a few others down here:

·         Shooting around a basketball
·         Kicking a soccer ball around at a field
·         Playing a pick-up game
·         Going outside to play with your dog
·         Skipping escalators/elevators for the stairs
·         Parking a little further from the store on nice days
·         Trying to keep up with younger family members when they play games (probably the hardest activity on this list)
·         Putting on some music at home and dancing a little while you get chores done
·         Standing up to walk or stretch a little during commercial breaks
·         Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair occasionally

And the list could go on. Just remember that you aren’t only in the gym to watch your lifts go up, you’re there to have more freedom in your body, so make a point to celebrate that any chance you get!
-Coach Jay