May 23, 2022


I feel like I've always chased my authentic self. "Who am I?" is a question we all ask ourselves. From my time in the Air Force, my time as a strength coach, my time as a single guy with no real responsibilities, I always questioned my own authenticity. I have travelled, done extreme sports, spent many nights chasing "authenticity". I have completely enjoyed the ride with no regrets, however, I always felt incomplete.  Now, was it because I was trying to be something I wasn't? No. Have I let the opinions of others, my environment, and what I thought I "should" be pull me from my own authenticity? Unfortunatley, the answer is yes. Back to my authentic self in a minute. 


So why do I share this?

I have been working with people for over 20 years now, helping them achieve their goals. 20 years of training experience means 20 years of getting to know people really well. The people who live thier lives authetically and strive to be the person that THEY truly want to be, these people achieve their goals at a much fast rate. Why does this happen?

I believe this happens because these people get it right with themselves first and value their own authenticity. This, in turn, makes them better for everyone else around them. They live a more fulfilled life. When we deny our authentic self, a piece of us dies. Even when we deny it for the people we care about. We give pieces, important pieces, of ourselves to the people around us. This happens often with Moms who take care fo their families in such a way, that they stop taking care of themselves. What I have seen, and still see, is that the people who take care of themselves don't deny others, but become the best version of themselves so they can be better for others. 

When we set goals for ourselves, not just fitness goals, but any goals... we set in place a standard for ourselves. When we deny ourselves from achieving these goals, for any reason, we chip away at our own authenticity. Because our goals, what we want for ourselves, is who we truly are. And when we can work toward our own authentic selves, we become the best version for those around us. 


My authentic self. My life has been a wonderful ride but was always missing a big piece. This picture represents what was always missing. Since forever, I've always wanted to have kids. Being a Dad has always been a life long dream. Now that I have that, am I living my own authentic life? Not quite, but, I have set goals for myself. And aside from any mroe major injuries, I will start to crush these goals. Because my goals, are what will allow me to be.... ME! And reaching these goals will allow me to be the best version of me for everyone around me. Don't let anything stop you from being your authentic self. Because once you let that happen, you will find that your authentic self dies a little each day. And then who are you really good for?


-Coach Kev