3Ways to Overcome Obstacles

Oct 17, 2022

 by Kevin Dean

Obstacels = Life. I don't know a single person that has gone thorugh life obstacle free. Your obstacles are always relvant to your life as they may appear ireelevant to others. But, we can't worry about what others may think or feel. Our life, is ours to manage. This quote was brought to me by Core 4 trainer, Erik. We discussed this in length, and this stuck with me. 

What did Marcus Aurelius mean by this? Was he worried about your squat or meal prep? Probably not. He was likely discussing the intricate workings of the roman empire wether it be about the battles in Germania or the inner workings of the Roman Senate. Quoes liek these last the tests of time because they resonate with us into our life. 

SO, back to obstacles. Onece an obstacle is put in the way, we must deal with it and that becomes the new "way" or our new reality. We can't avoid it, we can't ignore it, it must be dealt with and THIS is our new reality. HEre's three ways to tackle obstacles in your life. 



1. Write Down Your Goals

It's easier to understand how to get where you are going when you know where you are starting. Clearly defined goals will allow you to understand how an obstacle may be getting in your way. Or even identify what an obstacle is. 


2. Identify the Obstacles

This may take some self reflection or this may be some blatant obstacle in the way. For me, one of my biggest obstacles will always be organization. Everytime I get a handle on being organized, I find myself slipping into old patterns. Now that I have become accustomed to writing down my goals and creating lists, I'm going old school with a notebook and planner. Organization on a computer, doesn't work with me well. So for now, pen and papaer, and a calendar I can write on will work. Everyone's obstacles are different. We are always here to help you with identifying obstacles and overcoming them with your own personal fitness. 




Step 3. Implement the Action to Overcome the Obstacle

A plan without an action is just a dream. As an entrepreneur and business owner, implementation may be the hardest part of this. As human beings, we will always try to find the path of least resistance. The problem is, most shortcuts eventually lead to brick walls that you must turn around at and face the original obstacle. Come up with a clear strategy to get past the obstacle, and then DO! this is the new way to reach the goal. The impediment of the action advances the action. Coming up with a plan can motivate you to get past the obstacle. Then, THIS, is the new way.