1 on 1 Training

These sessions are 1 hour long and can be as frequent as you need (3 times a week, once a week, etc). Our 1 on 1 sessions are ideal for those that are injured or currently in pain and those that are looking for customized 1on1 attention in a more personal setting.

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1 on 1 clients can expect to recieve

on 1 clients can expet to receive the following:

  1. Free first consultation for performance limitations and injury risk factors using the Dynamic Comprehensive Biomechanical assessment.
  2. 1 hour long sessions customized to the client's performance goals and injury history. 
  3. Custom 1 on 1 attention in a high energy environment with our highly trained, professional coaches.
  4. Truecoach app access to get your workouts and track your results.                                                                                                                                                     

** 24-Hour Cancellation Notice: We do hold a 24-hour policy when it comes to cancellations. If you cancel within the 24 hour mark, clients will still be charged the training fee. **

State of the Art Technology

Get your program through our tech partner, TrueCoach. No annoying hard-to-read spreadsheets!

High Level Coaching

Coaching from the coach running the class.


Classes up to 6 days a week!

"Can not say enough about this place. After suffering a sports related injury Core4 worked with my daughter's PT and came up with an informed game plan to get her back on the field. The Knowledge of the staff is unmatched."

James Peracchio

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